AM42BCH1 - AspenMics Belt Clip for Portable Digital Audio Recorder

$ 9.95

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5 year warranty

Our AspenMics Belt Clip for Portable Digital Audio Recorder (compatible with the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder) features three different safety cable traps for line in and line out cables. With the lavalier cord securely looped under the belt clip there is a less likely chance for the lavalier microphone to be accidentally disconnected or pulled out. Your talent can now slide the portable audio recorder, using the clip, onto their belt, pants, side pocket, or etc. easily be taken on or off. 

The belt clip was also designed so the battery can be easily replaced on the audio recorder without having to remove the belt clip. Also with the clip installed, you still have complete access to all of your buttons and switches.

Zoom H1 Is Not Included *ZOOM registered name and trademark owned by Zoom Corporation

  • Clips on belt, pants, side pocket, and etc.
  • Lavalier Cable Lock
  • Battery Access
  • 1x Belt Clip for Audio Recorder
  • 1x 1/4-20 screw