9V Battery Clear Protective Plastic Hard Safety Case - 3 Pack

$ 6.00

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5 year warranty

Warning: 9 Volt Batteries can be extremely hazardous! 

9 volt batteries are often used in certain DSLR shotgun microphones, or audio preamps and it's not uncommon to travel with a few spares in your bag. For safety reasons it's important that you should always keep your 9 volt batteries stored properly.


These plastic hard cases are perfect for storing and transporting (2) 9 Volt batteries while keeping you and your equipment safe from a possible short across the terminals. These small plastic cases can also be used to hold and protect other small items.

This listing offers (3) Protective travel cases capable of holding (2) 9 volt batteries in each case.

Note: batteries not included



Be Safe. Minimize Danger from 9-volt batteries

[source] Local 15 News via YouTube 



The NFPA’s 9-volt battery safety tip sheet describes some of the dangers of storing 9-volt batteries in a drawer near paper clips, pens, coins, or other batteries. This applies to any 9-volt batteries, whether they are recently purchased or appear to be “dead.”

Anything from keys, aluminum foil, and steel wool should never be kept near 9-volt batteries as they can easily short across the terminals and start a fire.

Batteries should be kept in original packaging until ready for use. If loose, keep both terminals covered with masking, duct, or electrical tape. Or in a proper 9 Volt Battery Protective Case.

The NFPA sheet also gives tips on the safe disposal of 9-volt batteries: Cover the posts with masking tape, duct tape or electrical tape before tossing them. Check to see what the regulations are in your municipality – some prohibit throwing 9-volt batteries in the trash. Of course, the best choice is to take them to a collection center for household hazardous waste.

It is ironic that the 9 volt batteries we use in our smoke alarms could cause a potential hazard, but regardless of the use homeowners should take care to follow simple safety precautions.

Download the NPFA.org 9 Volt Battery Safety PDF Document.