HQ-S - 2 Pack Stereo Lav Mics (1 Black and 1 Beige)

$ 89.90

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5 year warranty

The HQ-S lavalier is designed to connect to recorders in stereo recording audio to both Left and Right channels. This design saves time for a fast turn around so that no post editing is required to duplicate audio channels (see mono vs. stereo tips)

Our HQ series of lavaliers feature an omni-directional polar pattern that provides a dynamic range of sound capture. All of these features are enclosed in a small package which is great for filmmakers as the lavalier is minimally visible on the talent. Included are a pair of foam windscreens that help reduce wind noise. The microphone clip provides a secure fastening point for mounting and is easily removed for alignment and/or passage through small openings.


Polar Pattern: Omni-directional
Capsule diameter: Φ 0.276" / 7mm
Sensitivity: -44db±2db re 1V/Pa
Frequency Range: 20-20KHZ
Output Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
Standard Operation Voltage: 2.0V-10V.DC Plugin Power
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥58db
Cable Length: 54" / 137cm

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Discreet in size
  • 54" Length
  • Two Pairs of Wind Screens
  • Compatible with Stereo devices
  • 1x Black Lavalier
  • 1x Beige Lavalier
  • 2x Lapel Clip
  • 4x Wind Screen's
  • 2x Metal Travel Case

UPC 860794000118
EAN 0860794000118