The Podcasters' Studio SPK Contest Giveaway!

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Ray from The Podcasters' Studio is doing an SPK Giveaway giving you a chance to win one out of two of our HQ-SPK Stereo Lav Mic Kit! This kit allows you to record audio using our HQ-S Stereo Lav Mic into your Android or Apple smart phone. You can also use the stereo lav mic into other stereo accessories such as directly into a DSLR or recorder. For some audio samples of Ray using our lav mic check out the link below.

Stereo Lav Test Click Here>>

In-dept review of our HQ-S Stereo Lav Mic on The Podcasters's Studio Click Here>>

For more information on how you can win one of these HQ-SPK Stereo Lav Kit check out the contest page by Clicking Here>>


Aspen Mics HQ-S Stereo Lavalier Microphone - Review

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Ray Ortega from shares a short audio sample using our Aspen HQ-S stereo lav mics. You can hear his tests below along with tips about choosing the right room for the right sound.



On November 12th, 2014 Ray has added another few samples using the AspenMics HQ-S with TRRS adapter and his iPhone as an audio recorder.

There's a lot more information Ray has provided, and to read about Ray's full review about the Aspen Mics HQ-S Stereo Lav Mics, check out the original article posted at his website



Tip: 7 Ways to Hide A Lavalier Microphone

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In most cases it's perfectly acceptable to see a Lavalier microphone attached to the talent such as during a live conference, presentation, lecture, or speech. In certain situations there may be a desire to hide the lavalier microphone. Here are a few great tips from izzyvideo showing you 7 ways to hide a lavalier microphone. 


Using your Aspen Lavalier Microphones with Plugin Power

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Plugin Power

Many professional Lavalier microphones (including Aspen Lav Mics) require Plugin Power to operate properly. Most consumer camcorders, DSLR cameras with microphone inputs, portable audio recorders, and even smartphones (i.e. iPhones) by default offer Plugin Power at the mic input port. Chances are if your device offers a dedicated mic input port and you've attached a Lav microphone, things went extremely smooth. Many people may never have to worry about 'Plugin Power' in general.


There are however some devices that allow you to enable / disable Plugin Power. For instance, on a Zoom H4n or Zoom H6 digital audio recorder your Lavalier microphone may not appear to be working when plugged into the 3.5mm (1/8th") mic input. Simply enter into the Zoom menu and enable Plugin Power.

Zoom H6 w/ Lav Mic plugged into 3.5mm : 1/8" mic input and enabling Plugin Power

Can I Adapt a 1/4" Plug to Lavalier Microphone? 

If you've attempted to add an adapter to your Lav microphone so that you can plug it into a 1/4" input chances are it would not work (unless the Lav mic is self powered with it's own battery). The problem is that 1/4" does not offer the Plugin Power needed for the microphone to operate.

Stepping up your 3.5mm Mini Jack Lav Microphone to 1/4" may not work if the Lav mic requires Plugin Power

If you are having problems with a lavalier microphone connected to a low end camcorder or audio recorder, double check with the manufacturer to see if the product offers plugin power, or if there is a setting in the menu to enable plugin power.



Aspen Lavalier Microphone Mono vs. Stereo

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When choosing an Aspen Lavalier Microphone it is important to understand the difference between our Mono versus Stereo options. Most lavalieres on the market are mono and will record audio to only one channel (left or right side). Since you will only be recording one track as opposed to two tracks, some audio recorders can be set to mono mode and double it's recording time.


The main sought after benefit our Aspen Mono Lav mics is that it requires the least amount of gain from your audio recorder (or camera's) internal preamp allowing for a cleaner recording with minimal floor noise. As with most mono microphones you will need to duplicate the audio track in post video editing to both channels prior to exporting.


If you are working with FCPX as your video editor, here's a great tutorial from Geek with Glasses on how to create a Dual Mono track.

Here's a great tutorial from howtechmultimedia showing you how to duplicate your channel / convert mono to stereo in Adobe.



For time sensitive projects in which the audio recordings must be sent to both Left and Right audio channels, Aspen Mics also offers the same omni-directional Lavalier microphones in a Stereo plug. There is no post editing involved to duplicate the audio to a second channel, but the disadvantage is the Stereo Lav will require slightly higher gain from your audio recorder or camera.


Mono Lavalier

[Identified with One Ring on Tip]

Requiring 'less gain' on your audio recorder typically a cleaner recording

Requires sound to be duplicated to second channel in post editing

Stereo Lavalier

[Identified with Two Rings on Tip]

Requires 'more gain' from your audio recorder typically boosting preamp noise

Does not require sound to be duplicated to second channel in post editing


Both Aspen Mono and Stereo high quality lavalier microphones are also available in a light Beige Color that offers less contrast when clipped to light colored fabric.


Press Release

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AspenMics Adds Three New Lavalier Microphones to HQ Line

HQ-M with Mono Fitting, HQ-S with Stereo Fitting and HQ-SE with Sennheiser* Fitting

Pleasant Hill, CA August 11, 2014 – AspenMics today has introduced the versatile new HQ-M, HQ-S and HQ-SE lavalier microphones to its HQ line, offering consumers a variety of new ways to capture high-quality audio.

HQ line of lavalier microphones– High Quality audio in a compact configuration The new HQ line features an extremely slim and compact capsule, yet packs a ton of audio clarity thanks to the omnidirectional condenser and frequency response. The omnidirectional condenser is paired with three different connectors ensuring that the audio is captured with exceptional detail and low noise.

HQ-M – Mono configuration The HQ-M connects to a standard 3.5mm mono jack and features one track of sound.

HQ-S – Stereo configuration The HQ-M connects to a standard 3.5mm stereo jack and features two tracks of sound.

HQ-SE – Sennheiser* configuration The HQ-M connects to a Sennheiser* jack and features one track of sound.

The three new omnidirectional lavalier microphones in the HQ line of products provide a comprehensive lineup of products to facilitate High Quality capture of audio.



“I just wanted to leave a message telling you how impressed I am. I recently purchased the stereo lav and was thrilled not only with the speed of shipping, but with the quality of your product as well. I also love that you have a 5 year warranty and a card included showing that the product was individually inspected. That extra touch adds a lot of value. I am definitely considering purchasing another in the near future.”

Brian P.