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Here are some great audio tips from Simon Cade on how to capture great audio without spending much money. It all depends on the situation you are trying to capture and also the equipment you have available.

If you plan to shoot a scene where your subject is static and talking, a boom pole with a shotgun microphone would be great to isolate your subject from the surrounding noise.

If your subject is giving a presentation, moving around, or you want to be discrete about your audio, a lavalier microphone would probably be best. Rather than trying to follow your subject around with a large boom pole, a lapel microphone can be clipped to them with an audio recorder.

Our AspenMics lavalier microphones are very small and discrete for these sorts of situations. You can use our HQ-S Stereo Lavalier Microphone with a Zoom H1 recorder and have it clipped onto your subject while filming. If you don't have an audio recorder, a smart device paired with our HQ-SPK Smartphone lapel microphone can be used to record your audio.

With these lavalier microphones, the audio is recorded separately so you would need to sync the audio in post production. If you have more expensive equipment such as a Sennheiser G3 wireless lavalier microphone kit you can then have the audio running directly into the camera without any wires from your subject to the camera. Our HQ-SE Sennheiser compatible lavalier microphones make a great backup for your Sennheiser wireless kit. With locking trrs cable, you can securely attach our lapel to the wireless kit and use it normally.

Make sure to check out the video above for more great audio tips. Also for more information on our lavalier microphones, make sure to check out all our products by Clicking Here

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