Comparison Test: HQ-M Mono vs HQ-S Stereo by Ray Ortega

Posted on Nov 16, 2015. 0 comments

Ray Ortega from ThePodCastersStudio does a great job comparing our AspenMics HQ-M Mono to our HQ-S Stereo lavalier microphone. He had them both plugged into his Canon 60D with the same audio levels so you can hear for yourself the difference in sound.

For both microphones, you should hear the same quality coming from them. The difference being that the HQ-M mono lav would require less preamp from either your camera or recorder and would only produce audio from the left channel. While the HQ-S stereo lav would require a bit more preamp, and would record from both left and right audio channels.

From the video you should hear that the HQ-M mono lapel microphone sounding a bit louder than the HQ-S stereo lav, but make sure to check it out the video to judge for yourself.

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