Review: HQ-M Mono Microphone by TheFrugalFilmmaker

Posted on Nov 03, 2015. 0 comments

Here is a great review of our AspenMics HQ-M Mono Lavalier Microphone by YouTube reviewer TheFrugalFilmmaker. He compares our lav with his current Radio Shack mic and also giving you some audio samples so you can be the judge as to which one is better.

Our HQ-M Mono Lavalier Microphone can work with a variety of DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and audio recorders that is able to give the microphone power or plug-in power. We also have a bundle that allows our stereo lav to work with any iOS or Android smart devices.

For more information on our HQ-M lav mic please Click Here>>

Also check out TheFrugalFilmmaker's blog for the full review: Click Here>>

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