Tip: Organizing Your Batteries

Posted on Jul 22, 2015. 0 comments

Most of us have some AA, AAA, or even some 9V batteries laying around especially if you use them for some of your audio or camera equipment. Our new 9v and AA/AAA clear protective hard case is a great way to organize all of your batteries together so they don't get lost or mixed up.

You can have some cases marked as new and the others marked as used so you can have them separated and not rolling around in a bag. The same can also be applied to rechargeable batteries or use some sort of marker to indicate if the batteries are used or new/charged such as what CheesyCam did in the video above. Some people also suggest having the batteries placed in a certain direction such as positive side up, indicating that they are new/charged. However you like to organize your used and new batteries these hard cases will definitely help.

Having 9V batteries in a protective case is also very important. Since the positive and negative terminals are close together, common items such as keys or coins can short across the terminals causing a fire. If they are not properly placed in a case, always make sure to cover these terminals with some tape or a 9V cap.

You can find more information on these battery cases by Clicking Here >>

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